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Rubi Easy Gres Diamond Tile Drill - 40mm

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Rubi Easy Gres electroplated diamond drills are used with an electric/cordless drill without hammer

  • The quality of the diamond permits drilling stoneware, porcelain, granite, marble, glass, ceramic etc
  • Use the Multidrill guide (TT-2501) and cooling system (TT-2504) to cool and prevent movement during drilling
  • Drilling speed varies between 400 - 1000 r.p.m., depending on material drilled and drill diameter (smaller = faster)
  • Average life of 10 holes, depending on the material
  • Side opening provides improved cooling and allows removal of centre pellet after each hole
  • For a better finish and longer bit life, it is important to respect the correct speed and moderate pressure during drilling
  • Always use water-cooled!!

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