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LevelFix 360GR (Green Red Red) Laser Level

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The CCL360GR is a high-quality professional Multi-Line laser. Using the latest developments in laser technology the LEVELFiX CCL360GR cone lasers project numerous 360° lines around the room/working area. With a combination of 2 vertical 360° lines and a 360° horizontal line the 360GR projects numerous clean, crisp, bright lines that are visible from long distances. The 360GR uses LEVELFiX ‘ULTRA’ laser diodes to project both vertical lines providing ultra-bright, crisp, clean and accurate lines all around the room/workspace. The LEVELFiX 360GR also has a green horizontal line powered by LEVELFiX ‘POWER+’ technology that makes it up to 4 times brighter than standard red laser lines making it perfect for working at longer distances or in areas with brighter light. All horizontal and vertical lines can be switched on separately and simultaneously. The self-levelling system can also be switched off, allowing you to project lines at all desired angles. The LEVELFiX  ‘SECURE LOCK’ locking mechanism also allows the internal pendulums to be locked even when not in use offering additional protection during transport.


  • Self-Levelling Multi-Line laser with both Green & Red lines
  • 2 x vertical lines – both 360° Red beams using LEVELFiX ‘ULTRA’ Red diodes
  • Additional 360° horizontal green line uses LEVELFiX ‘POWER+’ Green diode (up to 4x brighter than standard red lines)
  • Latest cone technology 
  • Multiple bright, crisp highly visible lines
  • LEVELFiX  ‘SECURE LOCK’ Locking mechanism
  • 4 year warranty
  • Includes: hard carry case, Wall bracket, target plate, charger & instructions

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