Montolit 44P3 MasterPiuma Tile Cutter

£167.97 £201.56

This range of super-professional machines can cut of tiles, with thickness of 0-20mm, quickly and precisely. (NOT RECOMENDED FOR 20mm THICK PORCELAIN)

Using the ergonomic grip, incision is carried out with a push stroke, which is highly effective. On the protractor square, there are two measuring scales: the first, on the sloping part, refers to the edge of the tile and provides the correct measurement for all degrees of inclination. The second scale, at the top of the square, provides the measurement from the corner of the tile to the cutting line for 45° cuts, and is especially useful for tilers. The tool lever/breaking handle is equipped with a secondary special flip down foot. This foot descends automatically when the handle is raised and is used for cutting tiles diagonally and cutting mosaic (small mosaic only with art. 58 Mosakit).

  • Maximum Cut length 440mm
  • Maximum size of tile cut diagonally : 311mm x 311mm
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