Montolit SQUADRO TCS-85 Socket cut-out Wheel / Blade (85mm dia)

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Countless times you will need to cut a square hole in tiles for sockets and switch boxes in an effort to meet the ever increasing demand for more power points that feed telephones, satellite TV, computers, electrical appliances, house alarms etc !!

Standard 115mm blades are of too large a diameter, preventing full depth of cut before the cut out goes over sized
The Montolit R & D Department has developed a small diameter dry use diamond blade to enable tilers to do all of these jobs. The blade is 85mm diameter and fits to a normal angle grinder.

The name of this new blade is "SQUADRO" (TCS85) and it will allow you to cut square / rectangular and very small (4×4cm) shapes in all types of ceramic, porcelain, marble tiles and granite materials.
Used with care, even on site, the "SQUADRO" blade will allow the user to produce precise and accurate square cuts suitable for small cover plates and switches etc.
Its main characteristics and benefits are it's extreme manoeuvrability, the speed of cut and the high level of finish. All achieved because of the Montolit high build quality and narrow blade width !!!!

As the blade is so thin it comes complete with a shim to increase the thickness in case you angle grinder flanges can't grip it

  • Diameter: 85mm
  • Bore: 22.2mm
  • Thickness:1.1mm
  • Fits all standard 115mm angle grinders

Suitable for dry cutting all tiles, porcelain and stone

More Information
Code TT-2461
Brand Montolit
Compatible With Angle grinder 115mm, Wet or dry cutting
Diameter 85mm
Range Miscellaneous
Bore Size 22.2mm
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