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Redback Knee pads. Slide-in knee pads for use in pocketed work trousers

Slide-in knee pads for use in pocketed work trousers

  • Patented Leaf spring and honeycomb construction
  • Unrivalled cushioning for the knee
  • Patented Matrix impact system
  • Reduce chronic injury to those kneeling for long periods
  • Made TPE instead of regular foam
  • Lower wear rate and longer optimum comfort
  • Highly breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Slide directly into the pockets of work trousers
  • Outperformed strapped and slide-in knee pads in tests*
  • Last 10 x longer than current foam competitors**

* Under laboratory conditions. Redbacks surpassed conventional strapped knee pads by 30% and slide-in pads by 50% in impact and walk tests.
** Proven in clinical tests to reduce the need for regular replacement at an estimated 10 times in comparison to current brands.

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