Rubi STAR-63 PLATINUM Tile Cutter

£94.95 £113.94

Rubi have improved their popular original star cutters, mostly buy replacing some plastic component for metal ones.

If you are not a full time tiler or are moving into tiling and can't justify the price of the professional ranges then the Rubi Star machines are great.

We generally do not recommend this cutter for porcelain tiles as it does not have enough power to break them without risking damage to the machine and wasting tiles in the process. Please see our more professional machines below

  • Maximum cutting length: 630mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 12mm ceramics (8mm porcelain)
  • Moving breaking system
  • Lateral stop for repetitive straight and 45° cutting
  • Fold out outrigger arms support tile
  • Direct view of the cutting and scoring line
  • Includes carry case and 6mm scoring wheel

Spare parts
for this range of machines

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