Rubi TX-710 MAX Tile Cutter

£293.34 £352.01

This machine replaces Rubi's long standing TX-700-N machine

TX MAX machines feature a extra heavy duty design to combat most of today's porcelains.

  • Will cut ceramic floor and wall tiles with ease
  • Can be very effective for most heavy duty porcelain tiles
  • Scoring wheel can last for approximately 1300 meters of cutting under normal conditions.


  • New cast aluminium base
  • Proper sprung bed
  • lateral stop allows for making accurate repetitive cuts in seconds
  • Maximum cutting length: 710mm
  • Will cut a 500 x 500mm square tile diagonally
  • Cutting thickness: 3mm to 21mm
  • Breaking force: 1200kg
  • High performance moving breaking system
  • Angular measuring system for 0-45° cutting
  • Lateral stop for repetitive cuts - straight & 45°
  • Direct vision of the scoring and cutting line
  • Complete with shockproof case
  • Includes 8mm Standard & 22mm Extreme scoring wheels
  • 5 year warranty against defective materials
  • Shipping weight including case: 16kg
  • Machine only weight: 13kg
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