Sigma 3P3M MAX Tile Cutter - 1005mm (push to score)

£355.67 £426.80

The Sigma 3P3M MAX Series Tile Cutter

  • Super smooth ball bearing centred 19mm scoring wheel
  • Spring loaded Scoring system
  • Especially suited to uneven and riven faced tiles
  • Excellent on porcelain tiles
  • Score by pushing (can pull also)
  • True sprung loaded base plates
  • Flip down breaker allows breaking all the way along tile length
  • Rotating measure bar rotates up to 45 degrees either way

Clever dual metric scale.

  • One for square cuts
  • One for 45 degree cuts (measure from corner of tile to cut line)

Technical information

  • Maximum straight cut length: 1005mm
  • Maximum length of tile on bed: 1040mm (can only score 1005mm)
  • Largest tile cut diagonally: 710mm x 710mm
  • Maximum tile thickness: 20mm
  • Breaking strength - 1300kg
  • Weight: 13.8kg

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