Washboy by Karl Dahm

£52.95 £63.54

Made by 'Karl Dahm' Germany

If you have never used one of these, you're wasting lots of time grouting the old fashioned way!

The Karl Dahm washboy has totally revolutionised grout finishing. No more getting your hands wet and wrinkly wringing out sponges. With increased work speed followed by the near perfect clean finish, even on quarry tiles. Not to mention the fullness of joint easily achieved.

This system can pay for itself in the time saved over a couple of weeks and your customers will be impressed by the cleanness of your finish.

There are plenty of washboys available but we have found this Karl Dahm washboy to be by far the best. With sealed ball bearing rollers that last for years and years and a really heavy duty metal grid to separate the sediment from the water. If you wash the sponge out after use with clean water and store it without getting squashed when wet, it should be good for over 1000 square metres.

Supplied with:-

  • 2 x flat sponges on handles
  • Metal grid
  • Ball bearing sponge rollers
  • Full instructions


  • Bucket 520mm long x 270mm wide x 270mm high
  • Bucket total capacity to top approx 25 litres
  • Bucket working capacity approx 12 litres
  • Metal grid 350mm long x 205mm wide x 80mm high
  • 2 x sponges measuring 280mm long x 140mm wide x 28mm high (not including handle)
  • Rollers (set as a pair) 30mm diameter x 220m working width
  • Overall weight 4.0 Kg
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