Cramer Fugi 7 Piece Professional Silicone Tool Set

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Silicone smoothing for multiple joint shapes create perfect joints fast.

Made from a soft rubber like material - An exceptional and unique set of tools of professional results


  • 2 x red tools with various sized 45 degree fillets and internal radii
  • 2 x guides to allow smooth running over areas with tile joints (see in use picture)
  • 3 blue tools with even more shapes and profiles
  • Tool handle with 1 x rake and 2 x cutting blades for old sealant removal


First apply your silicone in the normal way. Spray the whole area with a strong soapy solution i.e. washing up liquid and water, (hand spray bottle available) then use these tools to even up and form a perfect joint in seconds! Keeps silicone off your hands

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