About Tradetiler


Tradetiler was established way back in 2002 by David Neave, when even the likes Google hadn't become a household name.

David worked as a professional tiler for 16 years, but from a very young age always had a passion for both tools and computers, leading to the creation of Tradetiler.com, the UK’s first "one-stop-shop" website for professional tilers.

After a decade of successful trading, the entire website and warehouse software platform underwent a complete upgrade to bring the latest performance and functionality. This delivered increased speed, better searching, and custom filtering. A lot of time and effort was put into matching related and alternative products. Behind the scenes, the biggest advantage was the introduction of barcode scanning for all orders, which ensured almost perfect accuracy in picking.

Tradetiler has always been selective about the products it offers, striving to provide solutions to common problems faced by tilers. The goal has always been to provide a quality and reliable service with a personal touch, backed by years of on-the-job experience and industry knowledge. We take pride in our clear informative photography and videos that serve as the "shop window" to customers.

Tools and products are just a part of the business. Over the years, Tradetiler's commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled us to build of a substantial customer base that trusts us to help keep their businesses running smoothly.