Dural Durabase WP - Water Proofing / Tanking Membrane 1m x 5m

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Will cover a total area of 5 square metres


Wall sealing

DURABASE WP can be used as composite sealing between tiling and adjoining walls. DURABASE WP provides secure adhesion to the substrate and allows easy completion of the tiled surface.

Sealing in extremely moist areas

Even in areas heavily exposed to moisture, DURABASE WP can be used as composite sealing between tiling, adjoining walls and the underlying floor.

Production of acid-resistant coverings

In combination with epoxy resin and suitable tiles, DURABASE WP can also be used to produce acid-resistant coverings such as those specified for the foodstuffs industry.

Use as a sealing strip

In the form of strips, DURABASE WP can be used to effectively close gaps in composite seals comprising DURABASE CI or DURABASE WP. Other areas of application include the sealing of wall-floor junctions. In conjunction with a suitable adhesive sealant, DURABASE WP can also be used to bridge gaps between composite seals and fittings.


The substrate must be stable, level and free of loose pieces. The thin-bed mortar must be matched with the substrate. Best results are usually achieved with thin-bed mortar or flex mortar requiring hydraulic setting. This mortar must achieve a strong mechanical bond with the carrier fleece under the DURABASE WP mat. Recommendations for ideally matched products can be obtained directly from Dural.

Before installation, the DURABASE WP mats are cut to the required dimensions. The thin-bed mortar or flex mortar is applied to the substrate by means of a 4 x 4mm serrated trowel. After that, the mats are pressed, (using a smoothing trowel or the smooth end of the serrated trowel), into the previously applied mortar so that it binds with the entire surface of the carrier fleece. Make sure to keep the trowel pressed down at an angle when moving it across the mat in order to prevent the formation of air pockets.

All joints should be bonded with tape overlapping by roughly 5cm. Thin-bed mortar or flex mortar requiring hydraulic setting should then be applied to the surface. In the case of wall junctions, inner and outer corners as well as transitions, DURABASE WP can simply be cut to the required dimensions, although pre-moulded parts are also available.

Tiles can then be immediately installed directly on the mats using thin-bed adhesive. General rules concerning standard tile installation must be observed here, including the rules governing the application of the thin-bed mortar or flex mortar using an appropriate serrated trowel. Suitable joint mortar and cold-curing resin adhesive should be used for coverings exposed to chemicals.

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Code TT-2819
Brand Dural
Area - Coverage 5 Sq M
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