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Rubi Switch - DW and ND Machines 110v

£44.65 £53.58

Replacement ON/OFF switch (as of 16/02/17 This switch is now compatible with ND machines)

Compatible with

  • DU-200
  • DU-200-L
  • DW-200
  • DW-200-L
  • DW-200-LP
  • DW-200-LPS
  • DW-250-LPS
  • DW-200-N
  • DW-250-N
  • DW-200-NL
  • DW-250-NL
  • DS-230-LPS
  • ND-180 (not ND-180-E or Basic Line)
  • ND-200
  • ND-300

(Frequency 50Hz)

Please make sure to select the correct voltage

More Information
Compatible With Rubi DU, Rubi DW, Rubi ND
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