Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer and Sealer - 1 litre

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One-Step Colour Intensifier & Impregnator

Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer is a water based colour enhancer and impregnator that penetrates into the surface of the stone to protect against oil and water based stains. Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer can be applied to grout, tumbled marble, limestone, slate, quarry tiles, sandstone & most types of masonry and porous surfaces.

This product is not recommended for use on highly polished, glazed/ceramic and non-porous surfaces. Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer can be applied 24hrs after installation process.

Special Features

  • Enhances natural colour & texture
  • For use on all types of natural stone surfaces
  • Prevents staining from water, dirt & oil
  • Suitable for internal & external use
  • Long lasting protection
  • IMPORTANT - Always follow the instructions on the label carefully regarding suitability

We Recommend Instead of:-

  • LTP Colour Intensifier
  • AquaMix Enrich & Seal
  • Lithofin Colour Intensifier


Up to 40m2 per litre dependent on porosity of surface. Check the surface after application to ensure full effectiveness of impregnator. Apply a second or third coat if necessary.

Directions for use:

Important: Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer is very difficult to remove once hardened. Therefore, please read instructions carefully.

The surface to be treated must be completely clean, dry and free from contamination e.g. old topical sealer or polish. If necessary, first clean floor with Universeal Extreme Clean (shown on the left) and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer thinly and uniformly with a cloth, brush, sponge or roller and allow to penetrate for approximately 10-15 minutes before wiping over with a clean dry fluff-free cloth to remove any excess which may remain on the surface. N.B. The surface must retain a matt finish after treatment. Any excess left on the surface could oxidise to form an unsightly gloss finish. For stronger colour enhancement, also in the case of more absorbent surfaces, further coats may need to be applied.

Allow at least 30-45 minutes from application of previous coat before applying further coat. N.B. The aim is to completely fill the substrate with Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer without over applying it or allowing any excess to oxidise on the surface of the tiles.

Do not apply in damp conditions or allow the surface area to become wet before the sealer has fully cured as this may cause an inconsistent patchy finish.

Beware of application upon floors with under floor heating as the product may dry prematurely. If you are unsure of correct application methods, test on an inconspicuous area, prior to general application.

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