12.5mm Aluminium Expansion Joint - Black Infill

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Aluminium Expansion Joint

  • Particularly well suited to highly stressed floors
  • 10mm visible surface width (2 x metal and infill)
  • Absorbs heavy stresses by spreading evenly throughout the tiling
  • Length 2.44 Metres (8 foot)

Aluminium profiles may be used wherever unusual chemical reactions are not to be expected. To avoid corrosion, it is necessary to take care with cement materials. Since aluminium is susceptible to alkalis, any mortar, tile adhesive or grout residues must be removed immediately from all visible surfaces. The profile must be completely embedded in the contact layer. This avoids the formation of pockets where alkaline solutions of water can collect.

Important: any expansion joints in the sub-floor need to be followed precisely

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Type Aluminium
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