Universeal Grout Rescue - Colour & 237ml Seal Sandstone Beige

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Universeal grout rescue grout colourant is an easy-to-use professional product that seals, rejuvenates and recolours existing grout joints. A great way to restore and renew your wall and floor grout to a better than new condition. Revive even the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look and finish.

  • Sandstone Beige colour based on RAL 1001
  • Permanently colour and seal grout
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Unique formula allows for easy application
  • Suitable for both professional tradesman or diy home owners
  • Simplifies ongoing grout cleaning and upkeep
  • Suitable for floors and walls including power shower areas
  • Expected wear up to 15 years
  • IMPORTANT - Always follow the instructions on the label carefully regarding suitability
  • Not recommended for areas that are regularly steam cleaned


Cement based sanded, un-sanded and epoxy grout joints. Effective for both interior and exterior applications

Suitable for use on ceramic tiles and mosaic including porcelain and glass. Generally not suitable on stone tiles as pigment may leach into the body of the stone.

Always test on a small areal according to application instructions, with a minimum 1-hour cure time to determine desired results.


Approximately 5 m2 to 30 m2 per coat from a 237ml bottle depending on width and porosity of grout joint, size of tile, and method of application. For example: on a 30 x 30cm tile with a 3mm joint a 237 ml bottle could cover 20 m2 per 2 coat application. Existing grout must be adequately cleaned and prepared before colourant application.

Please note! Colours shown vary due to the production process and also depend the settings on your monitor/screen settings (application brush not included)

Be sure to shake and if necessary mix the contents of the bottle thoroughly before use!

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Code TT-2495
Brand Universeal
Colour Creams and Browns
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