Tradetiler Double Sided Longer Lateral Stop Gauge for Rubi - TS-40 / 43 / 50 / 57 (inc PLUS)

£9.25 £11.10

Why did Rubi make such a short lateral stop on the TS-40 and 50? and wouldn't it be nice if the stop came all the way in to the cut line too.

Here is our solution, specially made by Tradetiler with additional flip over double sided stop, accommodating even bigger tiles

Fits the following machines

  • Rubi TS-20
  • Rubi TS-30
  • Rubi TS-40
  • Rubi TS-40 PLUS
  • Rubi TS-43
  • Rubi TS-43 PLUS
  • Rubi TS-50
  • Rubi TS-50 PLUS
  • Rubi TS-57
  • Rubi TS-57 PLUS
More Information
Compatible With Rubi TS, Rubi TS PLUS
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