Universeal Pro-Strip Wax and Sealant Remover - 1 litre

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Universeal Pro-Strip soluble gel formula specialist tile wax and coating remover

Universeal Pro-Strip Gel is a heavy duty eco-friendly gel, formulated to strip hard to remove floor polishes and coatings applied to various tile and natural stone floor surfaces.

Universeal Pro-Strip Gel has an extended open time and is capable of removing many layers of stubborn wax or surface coatings per application. Universeal Pro-Strip Gel can be applied using a paint brush, sponge or scrubbing machine for larger areas.

Special Features

  • Wax & Protective Coating Remover
  • Emulsifies several layers on each application
  • Effective and fast acting gel formula
  • IMPORTANT - Always follow the instructions on the label carefully regarding suitability

Directions for use

As small test area is recommended to check product suitability and appropriate dwell period required. Apply a generous layer of gel directly to the surface to be treated. Allow the product to dwell for at least 20-30 minutes then agitate the surface with a stiff brush and clean water. If necessary to remove more stubborn coatings, Universeal Pro-Strip Gel can be left to work for up to 2 hours before scrubbing and removing. This process may need to be repeated in some cases. Once confident that the floor is clean, rinse the area with plenty of clean water to remove any small residues that may still be prevalent. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly before any further treatments are applied to the area. DO NOT LET SOLUTION DRY ON SURFACE.

Please Note

Always first test Pro-Strip in a small inconspicuous area to determine suitability for intended use. Suitability for a particular purpose is always the responsibility of the user. No responsibility will be taken by the manufacturer for any mistaken or misuse. For health and safety reasons it is recommended that gloves and protective eye wear are worn at all times whilst using this product. The undiluted product must not come in contact with sensitive surfaces (lacquer, wood, carpets, metal surfaces etc.) Immediately wash off any splashes before any damage is caused. The surface temperature should be between 10°C and 25°C during application. Switch off under floor heating. Protective gloves must be worn at all times.


Up to 10m2 per litre - Dependant on surface contamination.

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