Universeal Grout and Tile Sealer / Protector 600ml Aerosol

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Fast Drying High Quality Grout Sealer

Universeal Grout & Tile Protector (replacing Grout Sealer) is packaged in a 600ml aerosol can. It is a VOC compliant, solvent based formula designed for deep penetration into grout. It protects against oil and water based stains while still allowing the surface to breathe.

It is non-yellowing, long lasting and will not change the appearance of the surface. Over spray that does not penetrate the ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, stone or grout will dissipate and not leave any hard to remove residue.

Special Features

  • Easy spray-on application
  • Can be applied immediately after grouting
  • Fast drying, instant protection against stains
  • Does not change surface appearance
  • Suitable for wall & floor grout
  • Up to 20 years protection
  • IMPORTANT - Always follow the instructions on the label carefully regarding suitability


Up to 15m2 per can dependant on porosity of surface. Up to 700 Linear metres per can.

Directions for use:

Before using Universeal Grout Sealer, areas to be treated must be cleaned. Older grouting contaminated with mould and mildew should be cleaned with Universeal Grout Cleaner and then rinsed thoroughly. Newly grouted surfaces should be left to cure for approximately 20-30 minutes and should be clean and free from dust before application.

Always test the product on an inconspicuous area for suitability before general application. Shake can well, spray approximately 10-16 inches from the surface and spray in a sweeping motion, sealer will be touch dry within 5-10 minutes. At least a 20 minute curing time is recommended upon completion before allowing traffic. For wet areas including shower enclosures and wetrooms allow the sealer to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before use. Test area after application with a little water, if the water is absorbed, a second or even third coat may be required to obtain maximum performance.

Use only in open or well ventilated areas. Open windows and if possible use fans to circulate air. It is recommended that gloves and a suitable respiratory mask be worn at all times. Overspray on highly polished porcelain or stone and highly glazed surfaces may in some cases leave a slight residue, in which case wipe up any excess within 5 minutes. Stubborn residues left on the surface can be removed with the application of more Universeal Grout Sealer which should then be buffed off immediately. Do not spray on to acrylic or stained surfaces such as cabinets and stained timber skirting boards. Mask and protect these surfaces before application. Shake can well before use.

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